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Learn Pinyin First and the rest will follow

Pinyin (spelling sound) is close to Latin Alphabet languages like English. In this course, you will learn Pinyin for simple conversation without the need to learn the written form of Mandarin.

Student Gets More Attention

Using Learning Management System software, the Instructor is able to focus on the student’s performance. This is because he is not bogged down by some of the teaching tasks.

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Learning Rewards to be earned by students

The student could be rewarded with the maximum of US$20 cash during the course. This would mean that a student could be paying US$79 for this course if he/she enrols now!

Fun with Learning

The students will have fun learning Mandarin using the social learning feature of this course such as activity feeds, forums, Instructor's blog, messaging etc.

Available courses

Basic Conversational  Mandarin In Pinyin




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Common Frequently asked questions

Access "Course Info & FAQ" page on the top menu bar for complete FAQ

  • There is  a full refund if you write in an email request within 7 calendar days when the first calendar day is the course start date subject to the below condition :
    • You are allowed to claim a full refund only if only if you have not yet started Lesson Two of the Basic Conversational Mandarin Using Pinyin (BCMIP) online course.
  • The above condition is imposed to protect our interests because there are sample lessons for you to determine whether the course meets your requirements. Also, after completion of Lesson One of BCMIP, it will be sufficient for you to determine whether BCMIP online course does meet your expectations.

Yes, you can visit the Sample Lesson website at https://guest.lemandarinschool.com/mandarin-course/sample-basic-conversational-mandarin-in-pinyin-bcmip/

You can also access it via the “Sample Lessons” link on the top menu bar.

The student can proceed to take up a unit on Chinese characters from this school which is slated to launch in Q2 2021. For those who want to self-learn, Lesson 9 provides some pointers on the next stage of the student’s journey after completing the BCMIP course.

Although Chinese written characters are not taught in BCMIP course, a vocabulary list that includes Chinese written characters is available on the website, below is a snapshot:

The course has a course duration of 270 days or about nine months which caters for busy people such as working adults. Setting an expiry date will encourage the student to commit his/her time in learning and so they do not procrastinate which is often a problem with lifetime access for a course.

The students can also download the lesson materials and quizzes which will be useful for them even after the course has expired.

To determine whether some e-learning course do require taxes to be imposed, most countries would require such courses to be automatic, delivered electronically, and has no human interaction. Do note that BCMIP is not fully automated as the Instructor has to grade the essay questions himself. He also has to interact with the students through e-messages and discussion forums on lesson content and quizzes. So there is no digital tax imposed in such case.

But some states in the U.S. do not support such definition of the e-learning course and so the school has to impose geographical restriction on these U.S. states.

Please refer to the section “ Is BCMIP course taxable? Is there any geographical restriction?” in the Course Info & FAQ page on the top menu bar for more details.



If you have any queries, please email the school at Contact Us

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