Le Mandarin School (LeMS) is managed by a Singapore company “LMS Elearning” (Reg no. 53393515J) which is owned by David BK Tan, the school’s instructor. 

The main goal of doing e-learning course is that it is flexible for the student since everyone is busy nowadays especially most people have to work from home during the pandemic.

Also, the courses are more affordable due to using IT software such as Learning Management System.

Another objective is that I would like to introduce efficient Mandarin learning as I have across some students that are too dependent on on teachers as they find that Mandarin language is somewhat difficult. So I am focusing on the fundamentals in this course so that the students have a solid grounding before they decide to proceed to the next level of their Mandarin learning.

The Chinese name of LeMS is 汉语乐学堂 and Le is a word-play on 乐 as both are of the same Chinese word. 乐 (pronounce as le in 4th tone) means happy or cheerful and hence the mission of LeMS is to make Mandarin a fun-learning subject. Therefore the courses are not merely an e-learning courses; each of them has a social learning element as well. In addition, Le also means “the” in French and my wish is for LeMS to be “the” school in learning Mandarin.

Social Learning helps to transform the student group into a learning community by using tools such as activity feed, chat room, e-messaging, blog posts etc. to build engagement and facilitate knowledge sharing. Thus, the virtual learning becomes enjoyable which promotes better learning. 

Please do explore the website to learn more about the School and do feel free to email queries via the Contact LMS page.