Le Mandarin School (LeMS) is managed by a Singapore company “LMS Elearning” (Reg no. 53393515J ) which is owned by David BK Tan, the school’s instructor.  Le means “the” in French.

The Chinese name of LeMS is 汉语乐学堂 and Le is a word-play on 乐 as both are of the same Chinese word. 乐 (pronounce as le in 4th tone) means happy or cheerful and hence the mission of LeMS is to make Mandarin a fun-learning subject. Therefore the current course “BCMIP” is not merely an e-learning course; it has a social learning element as well.

Social Learning helps to transform the student group into a learning community by using tools such as activity feed, chat room, e-messaging, blog posts etc to build engagement and facilitate knowledge sharing. Thus the virtual learning becomes enjoyable which promotes better learning.

BCMIP is an introductory course in Mandarin and the objective is to facilitate Mandarin learning by focusing on the nature of the Mandarin language from a foreigner’s perspective.

There will be subsequent courses rolling out. Below is the learning roadmap of a student if he pursues his courses at LeMS: