Note : The faces of some students are absent so as to protect their privacy.


Below is a special thank you card from my students Michael and Teresa Parker as it carries a royal flavour (click to enlarge, use back arrow button on browser to exit). Teresa is an American banker and Michael is her British husband:


“David is a creative, patient and understanding teacher. Besides the usual language drills, we also did Chinese songs, situational conversations etc to help me familiarlise with Chinese language .  He is also funny, delivering humourous examples that made learning fun.

I will recommend him to any learner of Chinese language.”

Ms. Yovita Sutanto, Manager, Monsanto Singapore


“David is an experienced and passionate instructor who makes learning Mandarin as practical and fun as possible for a busy professional. His teaching method relies on pinyin (Chinese vocabulary expressed via Western letters and tones) – the simple and effective approach. David walks you from simple and practical everyday greetings and short phrases to longer structures and enriched vocabulary. He does frequent revisions to ensure the learning sticks and plenty of conversational practice. Importantly, once the course is over, you will feel in command of the basic grammatic structures and approaches to take it further – on your own or in another setting.

David tailored his program to my specific needs and schedule. Further, he is full of anecdotes and references to local culture and dialect so that you can successfully order your hawker meal!

Never once did I feel that David got irritated at my occasional ineptitude – he would simply break the problem down for me and help me solve it. Perfect for busy professionals who want to get a base level of Mandarin in a comfortable and engaging 1/1 setting.  Despite my busy schedule I always look forward to my next lesson. Highly recommended.”

– Andrei Andrievsky, Country Manager, Kodak Singapore


“I was very nervous about learning Mandarin but looked at it as a challenge in life. I am  English and everywhere in the world they speak English. So decided to take it on board and so booked my first Mandarin lesson with David.

David is a very kind and patient young man and I liked him from the start. I have found that if you like your teacher you will learn more.

David taught me more than the  just the language a little bit of history and his explanations of the culture and words were excellent. He taught me with flash cards and games, which helped me greatly. I learn visually, which he found out at the very early stages of my learning Mandarin.  I looked forward to my Mandarin lessons as he made it fun and interesting.

He has great patience, I was very nervous about getting the sounds right. He downloaded lots of Mandarin on my computer to help me say the words better.

I am so glad that I learned some Mandarin with him. You will not find a better teacher. I would recommend him to anybody who wants to learn Mandarin to seek him out and they will certainly not be disappointed.”

Mrs. Jennifer Marshall, an English national residing in Singapore


Below is a thank-you card from Josh Taylor, a seven year old student at Australian International School:


“David was very professional in his training and ensured that I understood the lessons well first before we embarked on the next stage of learning. He was patient and easy-going, and I slowly gained confidence in learning Mandarin, which was not an easy language for one to pick up.

He also imparted cultural knowledge to me so that I was able to understand the nuances of the Chinese culture that are essential for one to communicate effectively with the Chinese.

I highly recommend any potential learners of Mandarin Chinese to study under David.”

John Farjardo, Manager, Monsanto Singapore


“Thank you David for all your patience.  You are terrific and remain Vincent’s favorite Mandarin teacher.”

Mrs. Debbie Andrade, mother of Vincent Andrade who was my student at Singapore American School