BCMIP Trial Explainer

There is a current offer to allow potential students to participate in a 7-day trial of the course “Basic Conversational Mandarin in Pinyin 1” (BCMIP1). Please note the below points:

1. If you are satisfied that the course meets you expectations any time during the trial, please proceed to the home page to submit payment.

You can request to terminate the trial any time. Just email the school at lemandsch@gmail.com and your account and course information will be removed immediately.

When the account has expired after the trial has lapsed and without notification and payment from the potential student, the account will be dormant for another three days. If there is still no notification or payment from the potential student, then the account record and the student’s course information will be removed from the website.

2.  Please register yourself an account by clicking here.

Below are some details:

Important : Do whitelist lemandsch@gmail in your email account so as to receive the school’s emails in your Inbox folder.

Fill in the details as required. Please take note that you can log in using your nickname or email. Your nickname is your system username during registration. So if your name is John Smith and you decide to use JSmith as your nickname, you have to use JSmith to log in. In the system, this nickname is your displayed name. But do take note you cannot change this username (JSmith) for login purpose but you can change this nickname in the system subsequently, for e.g. to “JohnSmith”.

Also, the nickname you have assigned will be your URL profile name i.e. the URL will show “https://lemandarinschool.com/members/jsmith/” in the above example when fellow students access John’s profile. You cannot change this URL even if you subsequently change your nickname.

Once the approval is given, you will be notified via an email to proceed to access the website. The course start date is the “sent” date of the email and you can look up the course expiry date (90 days) when you access the course as shown :