Basic Conversational Mandarin In Pinyin 1 (BCMIP1)

David BK Tan · March 15, 2022

Hello, students!

Welcome to Basic Conversational Mandarin In Pinyin 1 (BCMIP 1) course!

This course teaches the fundamentals of Pinyin i.e. spelling sounds of the Mandarin language. The follow-up course is Basic Conversational Mandarin In Pinyin 2 (BCMIP 2) which focuses on grammar and daily applications for those who want to practise Pinyin.

The above courses focuses on Pinyin (spelling sounds) to learn Mandarin language. Note that you can only proceed to the next lesson/topic by passing the current topic quizzes.

Note that you have two repeat attempts to pass the quiz which is usually set at 50% passing grade. Do drop me a note if you are unable to clear the quizzes after three attempts.  Note that you will not be entitled to incentive rewards (quizzes and early finisher) if you fail to pass any quiz in three tries.

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  • 3 Lessons
  • 58 Topics
  • 84 Quizzes