Home Page Explainer 2 – Learning Rewards

The student could be rewarded with a maximum US$10 cash if he/so enrolls in the Basic Conversational Mandarin in Pinyin (BCMIP) or Basic Conversational Mandarin in Pinyin 2  (BCMIP2) courses.

US$5 Early Finisher Reward

Early finisher i.e. those who complete BCIMP course within 180 days or BCMIP2 course within 120 days will be given a US$5 cash reward.

US$5 Good Performance Reward

Those who attain an average score of at least 60% for the combined score of interim and final quizzes will be given a US$5 cash reward too.

Do note that the student is deemed to have completed the course if he/she has taken the Final Quiz and his/her access to the course will be terminated.

The total cash reward will be transferred via Paypal as a single transaction after the Final Quiz.