Creating Account for your Le Mandarin School course

IMPORTANT : Please check that the emails sent from Le Mandarin School ( are not in your spam folder by including it in your email whitelist.

Thank you for purchasing the a course from Le Mandarin School!

As this course is only open to paid customers, so there is a need to log in.  Therefore you have to create your account first before the course access can be granted to you. If you want to do this later, you can follow the procedure which is documented on the “How to register for an account at Le Mandarin School” section under the Course Info & FAQ page which is on the top menu bar of the website.

Once the access has been granted, you will receive an email from Le Mandarin school to inform you that you can log into the course to begin your learning journey. The course start date is usually the date of the email so that you can start the course immediately.

The registration page is at   You will see the below page when you click on it:

Please complete all the fields as they are mandatory.

Nickname is your login username

Please take note that you can log in using your nickname or email. Your nickname is your system username during registration. So if your name is John Smith and you decide to use JSmith as your nickname, you have to use JSmith to log in. But do take note you cannot change this username (JSmith) for login purpose but you can change your nickname subsequently, for e.g. to “JohnSmith”.

Also, the nickname you have assigned will be your URL profile name i.e. the URL will show “” in the above example when fellow students access John’s profile. You cannot change this URL even if you subsequently change your nickname.

Once you log into the system, you are allowed to change to any of the three social profile ids (if you have its account) : Facebook, Google and Twitter. You can refer to the User Guide on how to effect the change.